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  • This site is under constant construction so check for new material.
  • I have rewritten these pages to use JSmol an applet for displaying chemical structures. If you are not familiar with this applet check this link.
  • I have made use of the Novartis JSME Molecular Editor. If you are not familiar with this software please check this link for how to use the JSME Editor.
  • I have made use of JSpecView for displaying spectra on this web site. My thanks to Robert Lancashire for this wonderful tool.
  • Please note: all of the material on this site, and the included links, are copyrighted. Feel free to link to this material, but please respect the various author's efforts and intellectual property rights in producing these works.
  • I have replaced most of the applets with the new JSmol, JSME and JSpecview which use JavaScript and HTML5 in place of JAVA. However the site still makes use of several different JAVA Applets, you will need JAVA 1.6
  • 3D is here... I have added the ability to view some of the JSmol images in 3D using Anaglyph Glasses (red/cyan will work best, but red/blue should also work). These pages are marked with: anaglyph glassess